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I bring a genuine vivacious attitude, fresh ideas, and an inherent aptitude for real estate.

With an extensive marketing and event planning background, I have the foundation for excellence in the San Diego market.

My skillset helps us cut through a world cluttered by digital noise to make customer service of the utmost importance. Clients seek real-world solutions to their real estate requirements, where I step in to deliver actionable, foreword-thinking techniques. I go the extra mile to ensure clients feel validated and heard, so we can make their real estate dreams come true.

My optimistic, can-do approach, ambitious spirit, and propensity to build meaningful relationships have catapulted my success and opened unimaginable doors of opportunity from creating magic at La Valencia Hotel to producing virtual events for prominent politicians.

After years of working in marketing, design, and customer service-based roles, I am thrilled to make this long-anticipated transition into residential real estate. I look forward to evolving as I progress in my real estate career.


Tisha Cuffee | REALTOR®


M: 858.337.0051


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