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Thinking of moving to a new area?

Here’s how I help you make a move with confidence:

With the Power of a national network and industry-leading technology

I can help you ensure a smooth transition to and from any city.

Neighborhood Knowledge

Ready to call a new neighborhood home? With deep local insights, market data, and community ties, I can help you get to know the area and tour you around—whether in person or digitally—so you can make an informed decision.

Local Market Inventory Insights

I provide clients with real-time market data so that they know exactly how many homes are selling for in the specific area you're searching. You'll have confidence in the listing price and understand how quickly homes are selling, helping us craft a winning timeline.

Reach out to discuss your real estate needs and find your next home.

Tisha Cuffee | REALTOR®


M: 858.337.0051


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